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LOCUS PLEXUS is a new type of software company that recognizes and promotes the emerging interests in community-focused and socially responsible initiatives. LOCUS PLEXUS was conceived and designed to serve the interests of collaborative teams and entrepreneurs who understand the value of co-creation, civic-minded businesses dedicated to cooperation and shared success, educational institutions committed to access and equity, and service-oriented non-profits working for the public good.

CNBC declared, open source software has taken over the world, and Wired Magazine proclaimed, "Open Source Won". Open source software is now "the new normal" for start-ups, both small businesses and large corporations, non-profits, government , schools and colleges, even within the software industry itself (i.e. the very same companies selling you your current software: Adobe, Apple, Google, Intit, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce and many more).


At the center of your network: facilitating the adoption of open source software and authentic participation in open communities of practice to extend and advance a peer-to-peer, circular economy.


Locus Plexus' mission extends beyond our company, serving the broader open source community. Open source software, and the communities that enable it, harnesses the power of distributed peer review and transparency of process. The promise of open source is higher quality, faster innovation, greater security, lower cost, and an end to predatory vendor lock-in.


Collaboration, Co-creation, and Community.

LOCUS PLEXUS founders have decades of experience working in and with open projects (open source software, open content, open educational resources) as well as with the technical and governing communities that support them. This hands-on experience, combined with senior leadership roles in the technology, non-profit, government, and educational sectors provides LOCUS PLEXUS clients with a unique set of skills and expertise to realize the value of open source software as a technological enabler of their business and driver for innovation.

LOCUS PLEXUS has the technical expertise with contributions throughout the open source software community and the business experience from across industries that will help your organization leverage open source software to remove IT complexity, reduce software costs, and regain control of your business

How we help...


The founders of LOCUS PLEXUS have decades of exprience helping companies, schools, government, and non-profits implement open source software to extend and improve their enterprise computing systems and services, while reducing total cost of ownership, increasing performance, and improving business processes and outcomes.

Bernie Durfee

Bernie Durfee

Bernie has held many roles throughout his career, lead software developer, chief software engineer, enterprise architect, solutions architect and senior director. In each he's been committed to balancing speed, quality and cost to deliver an optimal user experience. Whether by building software applications, and platforms, implementing sevices, or improving processes; Bernie strives to provide the best experience for customers and partners.

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Keith Lynip

Keith Lynip

Keith's career has focused on performance support strategy, solutions implementation, and organizational transformation—helping customers enable peak performance at the speed of change. Keith helps clients understand business processes and the critical infrastructure and practices that enables them. The design, development and measurment of effective performance strategies drive the selection of services and sytems.

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Patrick Masson

Patrick Masson

Patrick has held senior leadership positions within higher education and the non-profit sector—serving as Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer, and Executive Director—with a focus on the development and management of open source technologies to support growing organizations, by facilitating agile, collaborative communities of practice, where innovation emerges through incremental and iterative practices.

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We're honored to work with some of the most innovative and successful open source software projects and communities.
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