Business-ready solutions to remove complexity, reduce costs, and regain control.

LOCUS PLEXUS delivers organizations business-ready software and support dedicated to extending operational capacity while reducing total cost of ownership. Start-ups, small businesses, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and educational institutions partner with LOCUS PLEXUS to expand IT resources through open source software and third-party managed services. LOCUS PLEXUS, works across collaborative communities of practice to identify and deliver enterprise-ready open source software solutions to organizations who may lack internal technical staff or would like to extend curerent resources.


Open source software lowers the cost of starting a business, while allowing customization to meet unique needs. This allows startups to focus on what makes them different and distinctive.

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Small Businesses

Open source software allows small businesses to deploy highly capable digital platforms and compete without having to purchase prohibitively expensive multi-user licenses from software giants like Adobe or Microsoft.

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Open source has enormous potential to accelerate a non-profit's impact. Non-profits save time and money, while accessing the same cutting-edge technology leading companies and innovators use in the private sector.

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Open source extends equality and resources. With no need to buy expensive prpprietary software, both budget-conscience schools and vulnearble families and fully engage in educational opportunities.

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Public institutions have a duty to ensure the best return on tax dollars. Open source software saves the public money and fosters innovation and collaboration between government agencies.

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Services & Pricing

LOCUS PLEXUS... "the center of your network".

You didn't launch a start-up to spend your time lost in application management or system administration. The values and mission of your non-profit aren't focused on server uptime or infosec. The success of your school and students aren't dependant on a SDLC or measured by the number of help desk tickets completed. Your work is too important to spend it lost in IT: your skills and experience are needed elsewhere, we can get you there.

Assessment: "Engaging"

What's running where, why, and scariest of all... how? Many organizations simply don't know or understand what's running behind their screens, relying on systems and services rarely used or under-utilized, literally sold more than needed.

LOCUS PLEXUS engages with you to understand your business needs, determine user requirements, and identify technology options that enhance your work while reducing your obligations.

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Implementation: "Enabling"

One choice is no choice! Too many organizations only have one option for the implementation, hosting, and support of their mission-critical software, the sole provider who sold them the system—it's called "vendor lock-in."

LOCUS PLEXUS identifies and procures resources for highly available software solutions and service providers, ensuring flexibility and freedom for you and your organization.

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Management: "Enhancing"

You've already got something to do …scratch that… dozens of things to do. Even if you've outsourced your system administration and support to the vendor who sold you the software, who are they really working for?

LOCUS PLEXUS works and advocates for you and your organization only, not a software company or service provider. If something doesn't fit, we'll find you the right option until you're satisfied.

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Open Source Software and Services

Collaboration and knowledge-sharing are more than "feel-good" buzzwords;
they are an effective business strategy.

Open source software dominates today's software and technology landscape, with major adopters spanning corporations across industries, including: Adobe, Amazon, Apple, Bloomberg, BMW, Capitol One, Comcast, ebay, Facebook, Google, IBM, Indeed, Microsoft, NY Times, PayPal, SalesForce, Target, Twitter, Uber, U.K. Cabinet Office, U.S. Department of Defence, Wallmart, and many more. But open source software isn't just for big companies.

Open source solutions provide unique opportunities to small organizations, allowing them to deploy highly capable digital platforms and compete without having to purchase prohibitively expensive multi-user licenses from software giants like Adobe or Microsoft. Open source software lowers the barriers to entry and allows small companies to invest elsewhere instead of on expensive software.

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Information technology isn't your business, it's ours.

LOCUS PLEXUS is a new type of software company that recognizes and promotes the interests in community-focused initiatives. LOCUS PLEXUS serves collaborative teams and entrepreneurs who understand the value of co-creation, civic-minded businesses dedicated to cooperation and shared success, schools committed to access and equity, and service-oriented non-profits working for the public good.

LOCUS PLEXUS has decades of experience working with open source projects and the communities that support them. This hands-on experience—combined with leadership roles in the technology, non-profit, government, and educational sectors—provides LOCUS PLEXUS clients with a unique set of skills and the expertise to realize the value of open source software as a technological enabler of their organizations and driver for innovation.

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