Enterprise Grade Software & Managed Services

LOCUS PLEXUS delivers organizations enterprise-grade open source software and managed services—identification, procurement, implementation, and management—to extend operational capacity while reducing total cost of ownership. Start-ups, small businesses, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and educational institutions partner with LOCUS PLEXUS to expand their IT resources through open source software and dedicated (contracted) support. LOCUS PLEXUS, works across collaborative communities of practice to identify and deliver high quality, business-ready open source software solutions and dedicated managed services to organizations whose focus is not on or in Information Technology services or support.

"the center of your network".



LOCUS PLEXUS engages your whole organization: business analysis and software recommendations align operations with community.

Just starting? What software do you need to run your organization? Should you install desktop applications, or are there online versions available? How do you find and assess all the options out there? You already have plenty of questions to answer and challenges to meet in starting up or running an organization. Let LOCUS PLEXUS find the right software to enable your work and realize your vision. Best of all, because we only serve and support open source software, you'll enjoy a full suite of business software without any costly software licensing fees or facing the risk of long-term vendor lock-in.

Re-evaluating? What's running where, why, and scariest of all... how? Many organizations simply don't know or understand what's running behind their screens, relying on poorly understood systems and expensive services that are rarely used or under-utilized. Unfortunately, many organizations are sold more than what they need. Let LOCUS PLEXUS help you understand your current software portfolio and identify new tools to complement your existing infrastructure or, even better, options to replace costly proprietary systems.

LOCUS PLEXUS helps organizations identify high-quality, business-ready, open source software that aligns with their individual business practices, specific goals, and unique community.

  1. Business Analysis: LOCUS PLEXUS engages with you to identify your operations, capacity, processes, and success criteria, or use cases (more info at, Usability.gov). Understanding how you and your organization work and your goals are critical in determining the right technology options that deliver the features and functionality you need and provide the support and value you expect. We don't start with a pre-defined list of "business tools" (or worse, a product catalog limited to the software we sell), we begin by asking what you want to build and how you want to work.
  2. Software recomendations: LOCUS PLEXUS has cultivated a comprehensive list of enterprise grade, open source software solutions providing the features and functioanlity your organization needs to not only meet your business needs, but advance your mission.

Plan & Price: Community Plan, Free (Details below).



LOCUS PLEXUS enables your vision: implementation, managed services, and dedicated support extends your resources and capacity.

Locked in? One choice is no choice! Too many organizations only have one option for the implementation, hosting, and support of their mission-critical software: the sole provider who sold them the proprietary software—it's called "vendor lock-in." If you can't choose another service provider to help you maintain and support your business-critical software, you're locked in. If you can't find a new hosting provider to run your business-critical software, you're locked in.

Want options? As a business, you should understand your software and service options—yes, you have options, not just those a proprietary software vendor wants to sell you. The right choice for your organization may be locally installed desktop software, internally managed network systems, remotely hosted enterprise applications, or shared cloud services. LOCUS PLEXUS understands the value and importance of choice in technology as an enabler of your organization and a foundation for your success. Your organization is unique; your work is specific; your goals are distinctive. Software and services should complement, not constrict, your business practices, your operations, and your community.

Neutral and unbiased evaluations. The open source software community offers various high-quality desktop and enterprise applications to fulfill your organization's business needs. Knowledgable and skilled service providers support each of these. LOCUS PLEXUS works within these communities to review open source software options and assess each service provider we recommend to our clients. Our Open Source Maturity Model is an industry-leading approach for evaluating the readiness of both the open source software we recommend and the services providers who support that software.

LOCUS PLEXUS works with organizations to find the right support and service options for open source software. LOCUS PLEXUS enables organizational distinction through two vital services in the implementation of your business-critical software.

  1. First, LOCUS PLEXUS works with you to understand how you do business, and what success looks like to you, your business, and those you serve. Based on that research, we can recommend several open source software options to address—even enhance—your individual business needs. You'll be able to choose from several software options that compliment the way you and your staff work while meeting your business requirements.
  2. Secondly, we identify and procure dedicated service and support providers, ensuring you and your organization get up and running today while meeting your specific service-level expectations. If you're not happy with the provider, we'll find you the right one until you're happy. LOCUS PLEXUS works for you directly, representing your interests—not those of a software vendor or a service provider—to enable the continuous delivery of your core software, allowing you to focus on your organization's success, not the demands of IT infrastructure.

Plan & Price: Implementation Plan, 10% of current/comparable proprietary licensing fees (Details below).



LOCUS PLEXUS enhances your mission: peer-to-peer communities of practice ensure scalability, personalization, and innovation.

Future proof? Open source software and the communities that support it are composed of peers working across industries. As a cohort of collaborators, the continued success of open source software projects facilitates the continued success of each participating organizations. Direction and development are defined by a community with common needs seeking stability, not a vendor selling a product and seeking a profit. Extendable? Focused Community LOCUS PLEXUS works and advocates for you and your business only, not a software or service provider. If something doesn't fit, we'll find you the right options until you're satisfied.

Plans and Pricing

LOCUS PLEXUS plans and pricing are based on the services brokered to third-party support providers on behalf of you, our client. Working with LOCUS PLEXUS, you choose the specific type and level of services required to ensure your staff, customers, and organization are well supported. LOCUS PLEXUS then identifies software-specific experts from our pool of pre-screened, highly-qualified consultants and companies and, as your agent, negotiates service agreements that delivers the types and levels of support your organization expects.

Your actual price point for each plan is determined by the current licensing fees of comparable proprietary software.

LOCUS PLEXUS maintains relationships with open source software developers, communities, foundations, consultants, and companies to ensure access to the broadest collection of experts working in support of open source software. These relationships serve you and your organization, ensuring expertise is always avaialble, and experience is always on hand no matter what open source software you choose, the type of organization you are, or the community you serve.

  Community Plan
Implementation Plan
10% your current licensing fees
Maintenance Plan
25% your current licensing fees
Customization Plan
50% your current licensing fees


Work with you and your team to identify the right open source software solutions to not only enable, but enhance your business.


Undertake the installation of your selected open source software on local deaktop computers, laptops, and internal or remote servers ensuring the software is available to all staff who require access as well as any customers or other parties.


Set up all software inline with individual, departmental, and organizational requirements


Identify, batch, and move all relevant content from your legacy system(s) to your new open source software.


Provide regular patches and updates.


Training and help desk


Implement or create interfaces between relevant systems, services, and software.


Customization to meet your unique needs.