If you don't control your software, your software controls you!

No matter your business needs, LOCUS PLEXUS can provide open source software options that eliminate your current software licensing costs and frees you from predatory vendor lock-in while expanding support opportunities, reducing hosting costs, and enhancing usability. If you'd like to learn more about open source enterprise software and how LOCUS PLEXUS can help your organization, take a minute to answer the following three simple questions, then contact us.

If you'd like to explore open source software a bit further, check out our list of popular, no-cost options below.

Software List

1. What software do you currently use?

Grab a piece of paper and jot down all the software you use in your organization—what is on your computer now, Microsoft Excel & Word, Photoshop, Quickbooks? Also include the applications you use online like GMail, Salesforce, or Zoom. Finally, think about software others may be running for you, for example, to host your website (it's OK if you don't know the name of the actual software, just include "website," "social media," or "meet-up").

2. How do you use software within your organization?

Next to the name of the software identified list all the reasons you use that software. For example, "Microsoft Excel: monthly budget, staff schedule, inventory." It might help to think about the work you do to complete a project or regularly-scheduled tasks undertaken. For example, think of your newsletter and then what software you use to create it and mail/email it out to your community: MS Word (draft the text), Adobe Photoshop (edit the images), Adobe InDesign (desktop publishing), Salesforce (constituent management), Mailchimp (bulk emailing)?

3. Whom do you call when you need help?

Finally, who do you reach out to when you need technical support or help using the software? Many offices rely on internal staff, receive support from a vendor, or contract with an external service provider. Add these for each application to the list as well (it's OK if you can't identify any support for some of the software you're currently using).

Let us know how you did.

Now, with your list in hand, contact us, and we'll help you identify license fee-free, open source, alternatives to the proprietary software you are currently using—at no cost to you. Once you've identified the open source alternatives right for you and your organization, LOCUS PLEXUS can provide the dedicated support you, your staff, customers, and ultimately your organization needs to succeed.

Want to learn more about open source for your organization?

LOCUS PLEXUS offers open source software solutions, integrated enterprise applications, for a variety of industries, including:

Open Source Software for Business

No matter your organization or industry, open source software delivers the features, quality, and value you are looking for to support your work, staff, and customers.

Open source software options are available to meet every business need. We're providing the table below to help you find, compare, and even download open source software alternatives to the proprietary options you're probably currently using. Even if you don't engage with LOCUS PLEXUS, we hope you'll find this list of freely available software a valuable resource to help your business run, grow, and succeed.

Purpose Proprietary Options Open Source Options

3D Modeling

Adobe Dimension ($407.88 per user/year)

Blender ($0.00)

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Intuit Quickbooks Desktop ($299.95)
Intuit Quickbooks Online ($300 - $1,800/year)

GNU Cash ($0.00)

Audio Editing

Adobe Audition ($407.88 per user/year)

Audacity ($0.00)

Desktop Publishing

Adobe Acrobat ($203.88 per user/year)
Adobe InDesign ($407.88 per user/year)

Inkscape ($0.00)
LibreOffice Impress ($0.00)
LibreOffice Writer ($0.00)
Scribus ($0.00)


Google GSuites GMail ($144.00 - $300.00 per user/year )
Mac iCloud Mail ($12.00 = $120.00)
Microsoft 365 ($60 - $240 per user/year)
Microsoft Office Business 2019 ($319.99 per user)

GNOME Evolution ($0.00)
Mozilla Thunderbird ($0.00)

Graphic Design

Adobe Illustrator ($407.88 per user/year)

Inkscape ($0.00)
LibreOffice Draw ($0.00)
LibreOffice Impress ($0.00)


Jira ($0.00 - $480.00 per user/year) Zendesk ($60 - $108 per user/year)

Liberum Help Desk ($0.00)

Image Processing

Adobe Creative Cloud ($959.88 per user/year)
Adobe Photoshop ($407.88 per user/year)

GNU Image Manipulation Program ($0.00)
Krita ($0.00)

Knowledge Base (Wiki)

Atlassian Confluence ($0.00 - $120 per user/year)

Mediawiki ($0.00)
XWiki ($0.00)

Marketing CRM

Salesforce ($300 - $3600/year)

CivCRM ($0.00)

Office Productivity

Google GSuites ($144.00 - $300.00 per user/year )
Microsoft Office Business 2019 ($319.99 per user)
Microsoft 365 ($60 - $240 per user/year)

LibreOffice ($0.00)

Operating Systems

MacOS Laptop ($1,299.00 - $2,799.00 ))
Windows Laptop ($1,119.00 - $2,239.00)

Linux Laptop ($99.00 - $249.00 )

Stock Photography

Adobe Stock ($359.88 - $2399.88/year)

Creative Commons ($0.00)
Pixabay ($0.00)

Video Editing

Adobe Premiere Pro ($407.88 per user/year)

OpenShot ($0.00)

Web Conferencing

Zoom ($0.00 - $239.88 per user/year)

BigBlueButton ($0.00)
Jitsi ($0.00)

Website CMS

Squarespace ($144.00 - $216.00/year)
Wix ($156.00 - $276.00/year)

Drupal ($0.00)
Joomla ($0.00)
Wordpress ($0.00)